Quality Management of the plant controls all the variables of the production process, from raw materials to final product. Agrozzi uses a traceability system in all its processes to ensure quality and safety of each of the products they manufacture.

Quality control includes a series of steps for both internal and external processes. For example:

Raw Materials
In Agrozzi all incoming goods pass through an inspection stage of acceptance or rejection. In addition, samples are taken from each farmer’s produce checking for the presence of pesticides.

In each production line inspection procedures are engendered at an effective frequency depending on the process. This enables verification of how it was done, what was checked, what was used and what was finally obtained.

Agrozzi three years ago set up an internal laboratory for the control of pesticides and micro toxins, which operate using high technology. It performs the measurement of quality parameters associated with the production of fruit and vegetable pulps.

The quality control is performed by the SAP management system. This tool allows you to go enter and monitor all information processes, such as receipt of materials, quality of production, release and dispatch of products, amongst others.

In Agrozzi, a trained team of chemistry and food professionals work constantly on the implementation of new processing technologies. Thus, the staff of the company is studying new product development and focuses on a policy of continuous improvement.