In an area of 4,000 hectares, Agrozzi contracts farmers to plant tomatoes. Once harvested, the tomatoes are processed in under 24 hours, in order to maintain the highest quality raw material. The selection of varieties is made according to the agroclimatic conditions of each region.

For the processing of vegetable pulps, Agrozzi obtains its raw materials by directly contracting farmers, who are advised by the company to deliver high-quality vegetables and meet the standards required by our customers.

The supply of raw material for the production of fruit pulps is achieved through long term contracts with farmers and directly from the fruit coming from export packing.

The Agro Industrial Business Division has exclusive fruit orchards, in which 100% of the fruit produced is used for pulp production.

Comprehensive control over the application of pesticides and fertilizers is exercised by the company, in order to strictly monitor pesticide residues in raw materials and finished products.

For the production of tomatoes, vegetables and fruits, the agricultural team monitors all stages, from planting to harvest. In the case of fruit there is a permanent control by the Agrozzi team, which oversees the complete management of the gardens/orchards, till harvest. This guarantees that all raw materials entering the process, meet the quality requirements of each one of our customers.